Monday, March 3, 2014

How to Reset Pattern Lock without Losing Data

How to Reset Pattern Lock without Losing Data
If you have Forgotten Your Pattern Lock Code, then you came to a right place?
In order to reset your pattern lock, follow the given steps to get back your access to your Smart Phone.

NOTE:- Your device must be rooted.

Steps to Follow for Resetting the Pattern Lock:
1. Download Aroma File by searching on Google etc., after the download is complete copy Aroma File in to your memory card.
2. Open your recovery (press volume Up + Home+ Power button or it can be different in some other Device: (if it doesn’t work, you can use Google etc. to get your device info).

3. There will be an option in recovery called “mount”. Go to that option and then mount all cache, system, efs, etc..,

4. After completing Step No. 3, then select “update” and select “apply update from SD/external” and select aroma file (the .zip file you downloaded by searching on Google etc.).

5. After Flashing or updating, the Aroma File Manger will open. Use volume keys for up/down and power button to select.

6. In Aroma File manager, Go to menu by pressing left key, which is located in bottom strip and then select Settings.

7. Go to bottom and select “automount all devices on start ” then exit from Aroma File Manager.

8. Now after exit, re-update that Aroma File Manager again and it will open again.

9. After Step No.9, go to data >> System.
Then find the ‘gesture.key’ (for pattern lock) and ‘password.key’ (for password lock) then long touch on gesture key or password key and some option will be prompted, choose delete to delete that file and restart. After that draw any random pattern to open the lock.

Note: Use Exit option in Aroma File Manager, don not direct reboot in Recovery.
Now enjoy, you have successfully unlocked your Smart Phone.
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