Saturday, August 3, 2013

How to Bypass the Nokia Security/Lock Code

If you are among those ones who think that the best way to protect their Nokia device is to activate security lock code, then it’s time to have a rethink because the Security Code request can actually be bypassed. Are you among those who were searching for the solution to unlock their Nokia Phones, then you come to a right place.
In this Tutorial I will give you the two methods to Bypass or Unlock your Nokia Device:

Method First to Bypass the security Code:
When the phone has been locked, press the normal unlock key and star (asterisk button or what so ever you call it; but it’s the button with this symbol *). As usual it’ll request for the security or lock code, don’t worry this is where the trick comes in.

You know what 112 and 911 numbers are used for? They are emergency phone numbers (which doesn’t display in asterisks (*) when typed on the security code password-field); we’ll take advantage of this. Now, enter either 112 or 911 in the security code password field. Next, click the call, end and menu keys in succession.
If you didn’t got it clear enough. Here is a simple tutorial for you:
In the password field type 112.
Press the call button (green key) and then end call button (red button) and then menu keys in succession (right soft key and left soft key repeatedly).
Phone will unlock.
Important: For this trick to be effective, you must be very fast while clicking the buttons; don’t wait for the phone to display “Attempting emergency call” before clicking the end and menu keys in succession.
Note that once you’ve unlocked the phone this way; the phone no longer locks when you press the usual “menu” and “*” keys (except it’s switched off). To re-lock the phone; type either 112 or 911 on the home screen, then click the call and end keys successively.
Tip: Try 5-6 times if you were unsuccessful in bypassing the security code. (Be quick in pressing the keys)
{Tested On: Nokia X2-02, C1-01, C2-01, E63, Asha 305 and Asha 200}.
Note: This trick is not applicable for all Nokia Devices. For example–> It worked on above mentioned devices but failed to work on Nokia 5130c and 2700c.
Test yourself on Your Phone and Comment if you were successful in doing that.
Method Second to Permanently Unlock the Security Code:
This method deals with the serial or IMEI number of the phone.
Step1: While the phone is not yet locked, dial *#06# to get the IMEI or serial number of the phone. Write down the 15 digit IMEI number somewhere because it is needed in Step3.
Step2: Go to
When the page loads, select, Free remote master code.
Step3: In the area provided for IMEI/serial number, insert the IMEI/serial number of the phone you want to unlock.
Step4: Now click on generate.

Once done, a number will be generated, that's the master code for the phone, copy and keep the number. Whenever that particular phone is locked with security code and you want to unlock it, even though you don't know the phone's security code, just enter that number, i.e. Master code and it'll be unlocked.
Please note that this tool is for educational purpose only, do not misuse it on your friends' phone.
Comment with your results, your comments will be highly appreciated. For future reference Bookmark this page for more tips and tricks.

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