Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to Unblock your Airtel SIM for using Internet

Unblock your Airtel SIM
Airtel SIM UNBLOCKING Trick 100% Working, Tested on 15 Oct 2013.
A/A. If your SIM has been blocked by the Airtel for Using Internet, Just follow the below steps to Unblock your SIM Card and Enjoy the High Speed Internet:

If your Airtel SIM is Blocked (from using free GPRS) 1st Deactivate all the Data plans (2G, 3G, 4G, MCA, etc.) by sending 3G/4G to 121 or Call 198 (Customer Care) or *121*5# to deactivate all the Services.

After this remove your Airtel SIM from your internet supported Phone and insert into Black & White Phone (GPRS Not Supporting Phone) like Nokia 1110, Nokia 1110, Nokia 1200, Nokia 1209 etc. or which does not support Internet, For about 3 days.

After three day's insert your Airtel SIM into your INTERNET Supported Phone, & Activate the DATA Service again and enjoy the free Internet.

Updated on 12 November 2013 (Tuesday)
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