Tuesday, March 5, 2013

KPL 2013 - Rules and Regulations


Do you play Casco ball cricket in Northern Kashmir and think you are good at it?
Does your team have players good enough to create fear in other teams?
Do you enjoy winning the friendly weekend games amongst yourselves?
Do you want a chance to play among the elite Casco ball cricket players in Northern Kashmir and want to WIN?
Do you want an opportunity to showcase your talent and be remembered for a long time?
Do you enjoy remembering those winning moments?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

100 direct instructions by Allah SWT in the Holy Quran for mankind

100 direct instructions Allah SWT in the Holy Quran for mankind
Allah SWT has directly given us at least 100 instructions through the Holy Al Quran:

01. Don't be rude in speech (3:159)
02. Restrain Anger (3:134)
03. Be good to others (4:36)
04. Do not be arrogant (7:13)
05. Forgive others for their mistakes (7:199)
06. Speak to people mildly (20:44)
07. Lower your voice (31:19)
08. Don't ridicule others (49:11)
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