Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Important Shortcut Keys of Photoshop

After posting the Shortcut Keys of Windows 8 Now I am posting Some Important Shortcut Keys of Adobe Photoshop because I am a big Photoshop fan and I really love its keyboard shortcuts. It really helps us to build up working speed using them in our workflow. Keyboard shortcuts are keystroke(s) combinations to quickly execute some command. If you like using Photoshop as designer, you will evaluate these keyboard shortcuts strength. However there are really huge amount of keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop, but I Just putted some important and commonly used Shortcuts and created my own list. I hope you will love them all.

Shortcut Keys                   Action

File Menu shortcuts
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S → To Save the opened document for Web
Ctrl+Shift+P → To change Page Setup for printing
Alt+Ctrl+P → Print the opened document with preview
Alt+Shift+Ctrl+I → To display the info of opened file
Ctrl+Q → To exit from adobe Photoshop

Edit Menu shortcuts
Ctrl+Z → To undo/redo the last changes
Alt+Ctrl+Z → Go to one step backward
Shift+Ctrl+Z → Go to one step forward
Ctrl+X or F2 → To cut the selected area
Ctrl+C or F3 → To copy the selected area
Ctrl+V or F4 → To Paste the copied value

Image Menu shortcuts
Ctrl+L → To adjust the color levels
Alt+Shift+Ctrl+L → To adjust the auto Contrast
Ctrl+B → To adjust the Color and Tone balance
Ctrl+U → To adjust the Hue/Saturation
Ctrl+Alt+X → To Extract the selected area
Ctrl+I → To Invert

Layer Menu Shortcuts
Ctrl+N → To insert new Layer
Ctrl+J → To move Layer via copy
Ctrl+Shift+J → To move Layer via cut
Ctrl+G → To create the Group of layers
Shift+Ctrl+G → To create the ungroup of layers
Ctrl+E → To Merge the Layers
Ctrl+Shift+E → To Merge Visible

Select Menu Shortcuts
Ctrl+A → To select all
Ctrl+D → To deselect all
Alt+Ctrl+A → To select all layers
Shift+Ctrl+D → To reselect

Filter Menu Shortcuts
Alt+Ctrl+X → To extract the selected image
Shift+Ctrl+X → To Liquify the selected image
Alt+Shift+Ctrl+X → To create the Pattern Preview
Ctrl+F → To view the last Filter
Ctrl++ (Plus) or Ctrl+= (Is equal to) → To apply Zoom in
Ctrl+- (Minus) → To apply Zoom out
Ctrl+0 (Zero) → To view as Fit on screen
Ctrl+R → To display the Rulers
F5 → To display the Brushes panel
F6 → To display the Color panel
F9 → To display the Actions panel

Random Shortcuts
Alt+Backspace → To Fill with Foreground Color
Shift+Backspace → To Fill with Background Color
Alt+] → To Ascend through Layers
Alt+[ → To Descend through Layers
Shift+Alt+] → To Select Top Layer
Shift+Alt+[ → To Select Bottom Layer
Tab → To Show/Hide All Palettes.

Note: Mac Users: Replace Ctrl Key for the Cmd and Alt Key for the Opt.
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