Monday, October 22, 2012

Delete All Facebook Messages with a Single Click

This Post is about how to Delete All Facebook Messages with a Single Click:
Facebook is the largest growing social media. Every one person among the 14 on the earth is on Facebook. No doubt Facebook offers so many distinguishing features but some where it also annoys the users. You chat with many people daily and your inbox is full with conversation and messages. Really it is hard to delete each conversation one by one. So here is the method for Google chrome users to delete all the Facebook messages in one click.

You all know little about extensions. These are just small scripts that do small miscellaneous tasks for you. To delete Facebook messages in one click you also need an extension.

Open Google Chrome-----Settings------Extensions

Click on get more extensions

A new tab will open:

Type this in search box---Facebook fast delete messages

Click Add to Chrome

Then you will be asked to install the extension. Click YES

After installation RESTART your browser.


After that just Login to your Facebook account. Open message and you will see a new button DELETE ALL. Use that to Delete all messages in one click. Hope you will use this method to save your time. Do comment and keep visiting for new tricks..
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