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How to retrieve your Memory Card Password in Symbian Phones

How to retrieve your Memory Card Password
A/A Dear readers today I posting, "How to retrieve your Memory Card Password in Symbian Phones". If you have a Symbian phone & you have forgotten your Memory Card password, then u can easily get your password by using this simple trick. This trick works only in Nokia Symbian Phones not in the Java Phones. Before starting the tutorial on “Tricks to Reset Memory Card Password in Nokia”.

Here are the requirements:
i) X-plore application.
The X-plore application is used to view the data files of the phone.
(You can easily find its trial version for Free by searching it on Google etc.)
ii) Nokia Symbian (S60) Mobile Phone.

Here is the step by step tutorial for viewing/resetting the Memory Card Password.

1) Install the X-plore application in your Nokia Symbian Phone.

2) Now start your X-plore application & press 0 (zero) button & select “show the system files”. This will make the X-plore application to show your system files.

3) After completing the above step go to C:/Sys/Data/MmcStore as shown in below screen shot.

X-plore application

4) Now press 3 button from your keypad & u will see options.
Now click on the Hex - Viewer option. This will make your phone to show files in hexadecimal.

5) Look at the 3rd Column On the screen u will see a code like! TMSD02G (??”?x???R?A? Y?E?E?S).
Note: Down the numbers present between the (?). This is your memory card password. Like in this example the password is [RAYEES].

6) Now u can enter the password & view your Memory Card files or u can reset your Memory Card password to a more memorable password.

Remember u can gain access to C:/Sys/Data/ if & only, if u have setted a password on your Memory Card.

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